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Thracian tomb in Kazanluk, Rose Valley, Bulgaria

At Thracian, we are dedicated to bringing you only the best in skincare.
Therefore, our products are made in one of the oldest still-functioning distilleries in Bulgaria’s Thracian region.
This region is located inside the famous Valley of the Roses and was once the home to greats such as Spartacus, Orpheus, and Democritus.

The origin and history of the floral waters is nothing new. In fact, this nourishing, gentle rose essence has been used for centuries, reaching as far back as ancient Egypt, where Cleopatra used rose water to keep her skin smooth and supple.

Lavender also has been used globally for centuries as both a health aid and a perfume. The word lavender comes from the Latin “lavere” - meaning to wash, and in fact the woman in Ancient Thracia added this precious healing plant to their baths to restore not only their skin but also their health.

Rose Valley, Bulgaria

Nowadays, the finest rose water and lavender water in the world are distilled in Bulgaria, thanks to a perfect synergy between Bulgaria's climate and its soil conditions. They are used all over the world and are popular with luxury perfumery brands such as Chanel, Hermes and Guerlain.