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Bio Sunscreen Lotion SPF30

  • BIO INGREDIENTS: unique, no artificial anything, skin UVA & UVB protection based entirely on bio ingredients that gets the job done! Contains: bio Cocoa butter, bio Olive oil, bio Grapeseed oil, bio Aloe vera extract, bio Grapefruit oil, D-Panthenol, organic UV-absorbing bemotrizinol, vitamins E & A, Oxybenzone-free, Octinoxate-free (reef-friendly – safe for marine life), gluten-free, cruelty-free, biodegradable
  • UVA/UVB BROAD SKIN PROTECTION: absorbs UVB and UVA rays and provides natural reliable SPF30 broad protection, calms and prevents skin from drying and aging, lowers the risk of skin damage and sunburn, suitable for all skin types. Essential oils have natural protection (SPF30) and absorb sun’s radiation
  • HYPOALLERGENIC, NON-GREASY, WATER-RESISTANT FORMULA: suitable for all skin types and people with hypoallergic skin, 40 minutes water resistance, fast-absorbing non-sticky sunscreen lotion leaving skin soft and silky, has a pleasant natural scent
  • ZERO-WASTE RECYCLABLE HDPE BOTTLE: Soft touch and sleek, durable, non-hazardous and fully recyclable HDPE bottle (Made in Italy), featuring a pump for precise no-mess application, won't spill when stored horizontally
  • APPLICATION: Apply generously over body 10-15 minutes before exposure to sun. Reapply after swimming, extensive sweating, towel drying, or once every two hours. The product offers 40 minutes of natural water-resistance with no chemicals involved. Treat with soap and rinse with water if spilled over clothing.